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A Life Works

Back Story - Interlude

A brief history of the life I lived, and the events that transpired which led to the poems and short liturgical writings, and allegorical poems. I (Randall J. Sturdevant) was born in Wilson Hospital on September 5th 1986. My childhood was normal for the most part. I took up racing bicycles quickly having a unique aptitude for balancing my bike at age 2 without training wheels. At age 4-12 I raced on Friday's at Cheryl A. Lindsey park, in Binghamton, New York.

Ages 13-17 I became isolated and depressed and withdrawn and dabbled in occasional marijuana use where I had a pivotal terrifying moment with the substance, which to this day I believe triggered a series of events. I started dabbling in Buddhist meditations and triggered with the isolation was swallowed by my own mind and delusions, and drifted in psychosis. Shortly after that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I started becoming emotionally unstable. I stopped eating and drinking, and went from 155 pounds at age 18 to 128 pounds in a matter of weeks. To make a long story short I started hallucinating, thinking I was demon possessed and started hearing voices and seeing things. My mind broke and I wandered to the Church on the farther end of grand Blvd to be exorcized, which was what I believed needed to be done. Then I went to Crosspoint church also. This began in 2005. I was later forced into C-PEP at Binghamton General Hospital. I was cornered in a white room and interrogated, given a shot, and thus began my journey.

For the next 8 years I was a guinea pig. I was battling side effects of anti-psychotic medicines and pursuing faith in Christ, and looking for meaning in my life. Thanks to the sustaining faith of the loved ones God placed in my life, and the care of his comforting Holy Spirit, I survived over the course of 8 years 12 hospitalizations and a suicide attempt. Most of these poems were penned and written during the struggle for sanity and my faith that sustained my soul. At first I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and I do not believe in labels but am stating it for others that may read this who have been labeled for their comfort. My current "label" is schizo-affective, which I disregard as something man gives to someone in an effort to explain something they can't.

If anyone reading this is suffering from mental illness, or knows someone that is, please find hope in knowing you can recover. A relationship with the God who loves you is key, and learning of the Son Jesus he sent to us that knows what it is like to bear burdens.

Take care~

Proclaimed splendor

Through woven words of much discerning
Requires much more than simple learning
 For wisdom hides in treasured dens
Where springs gush forth and Light defends.
 More precious than the best of gems
And woven into flowers stems
“For all creation tells a story, and to the Father shouts his Glory.”
The grass blows from left and right
Wind whips wild without a sight
 Judge ye this if ye think right
 Is the Father out of sight?
“For all creation tells a story, and to the Father shouts his Glory.”
The sheep do graze in pasture sides
 With pure white wool like conscience hides
The men do shear and take their wool
which craftsmen knit, and twist and pull
  Then clothes of woven fabric made, to cover nakedness be laid
“For all creation tells a story, and to the Father shouts his Glory.”
Within the forest, knotted trees of Cyprus
 That man takes timber which to delight us
 Inside wooden cabinets lie earthly treasures
Which man has made and without measure.
“For all creation tells a story, and to the Father shouts his Glory.”
In the oceans hidden depths
Many creatures from secrets kept
The whale spouts waters to the skies
Like a kiss the rainbow spies
 The wispy clouds will weather willing
 Rain drips drops soon to be filling
 The raging river banks are spilling
 Drenching farmland prepared for tilling
 Creation is a mirror reflecting Gods’ face
the earth is full of all of his grace.
“For all creation tells a story, and to the Father shouts his Glory.”

Outstretched above dark canopy laid
 White sparkling stars over darkness sprayed
The moons hangs in orbit and showers the Earth
 Bathed in blue light
Crescent in girth
 With movement precision
 The laws that confine
 The seasons the cycles hard to fathom and find
 Can one man discover the wisdom displayed?
 Or for one second doubt the knowledge it made?

“For all creation tells a story, and to the Father shouts his Glory.”

The Lilies Tell a Story

The lilies tell a story. They sprout up for a short time and are clothed in beauty. Yet, even as beautiful as they are, they soon retire and their beauty fades into a distant memory. It is so interesting if you consider it, why is so much effort and beauty placed into something that vanishes and disappears and wilts? The lilies tell a story. They shout out, "Why do you worry?” Surely our lives are not much different. People try to stay young forever, but eventually it will fade just like the lilies we disappear and are soon forgotten. But, if so much work and loving effort is put into a fragile flower, how much more those created in the divine image? The lilies whisper, "Why are you worried?" because they know their short existence meant something, perhaps beyond what we see. Do you not see the provision that is provided for all creation? There will be a day when your beauty never fades. Not only in appearance, but our hearts that is so prone to change. Though we change and wither, over time we can cling to the hope of restoration.  It is like a winter frost that kills all life. Although, eventually Spring comes and life starts afresh as if it never died. A blossom blooms on a naked tree as if saying,"Do not worry, you may feel naked and alone but you will bloom again."

Much like a garment, that has been spoiled by the cares of life, and its burdens. You look at the lilies and grow envious of how beautiful they are, "Why was I created this way?" you think. My life is full of pain and I lack the beauty that even the lilies have. The human life is not an easy one. We were created to experience life in a way no other creature on earth can. Perfectly physical, yet fused with the breath of life. As the lily our youth fades and we are left alone. Our beauty is then a distant memory, and then as last we discover true beauty was never in the appearance of the lilies. The beauty was seen in the care given them as fragile as they are and as fleeting their moment is.

Tender care is provided if we would only look and observe. When we can't look past outer appearance is when we are blinded. The beauty of creation is the care given to it, as fallen as it is. Do not lose heart because one day we will blossom from the earth with a new glory revealed. This glory will be from the inside out, and then the outer will reflect the beauty of the inner.

It is all we can take with us. This is the hope and tender care of the artisan who crafted such delicate creatures as us. Never lose hope, for just like a seed planted in the dark ground may feel like all hope is lost, it is only because he knows not what is coming. The seed with sprout and then the former nature will be gone. The new nature we put on will be far surpassing than our former nature. So learn a lesson from the lilies; they will tell you their secret. It is that even as fragile and delicate as we are, there is always hope to blossom again.

Yes, why worry? For when our flower wilts and we go back from whence we came, we will fly. The hope of blooming again still stored in our hearts. Consider the lilies my friends.

 Out to See

 Sometimes the troubles in life overwhelm
 It's just like a ship without any helm.
The course is uncertain
 A path cannot find
 We could have sworn we were out of our mind.
But even if compass should fail us by night
 And the stars should refuse to give us their light
 We'd still need not worry or have any fear
 The Lord is the captain and to us will steer.
If we let him aboard he will guide us at night
 With his showers of glorious light
And if in the morning the sun fails to spark
 The clouds of uncertainty surround us like dark.
Then he will whisper deep in your heart
 With words he will say that will not depart
"Though the sun shall not spark and give you the light
 And even the stars refuse to shine bright
 You need not worry or have any fear
Because I am with you
 I will dry all your tears."

When I was a caterpillar I crawled along the earth
Not knowing in cocoon that I would find new birth.
For when I came bursting forth from the newly home I made
 Then was found in freedom, and glory soon displayed.
No longer do I crawl along the dirty path
 I flutter through the heavens
And then no longer trapped.
If you’re like the caterpillar crawling through the mire
You need a point of view that will lead you to the higher
When the decision’s made, to leave the dirty path
 Then make your new cocoons
In victory you’ll be wrapped.
Crawling is a struggle
 But gliding is a breeze
 The winds will take you higher, and without airline fees.
 So never fear the making of your new found glory
Make that change in faith, and then victory is your story.
Who knows where you’ll go when the journey is finally complete
Maybe to the heavens because the change was mete

Ties that bind
This I pray
 That I would find
 That grace would be the tie that binds
 In our spirit, and our minds
 Within love, free divine.
Living in confines of love
This true freedom from a dove
 In true life
 To liberty captive
With Grace the chiefest of the captains
For in this heavenly army be
 To love your enemies is key
Overcoming evil with good
God has always planned it should
 When you fuel fire with fire, that will fuels hatreds desire.
But, that’s not the way that you have learned
 If from the Spirit taught Christ’s Word
Make sure to always live in love
Bringing glory to God above.

 For the outcasts
The Pharisee’s asked a question of him
"Why speaketh to woman living in sin?"
Jesus answered their fiery query
“It is for this cause I came unto Mary
 It is not the healthy who need a physician
 But it is the sick without any vision”

Those who are much forgiven of many sin
To them most abounding, found grace there within
 Because God wills that man should not die
 But live eternal up in the skies

Fruits of Speech

Lips will utter words of great praise
Of God’s’ All Mighty saving we raise
 That through the death of his dear Son
He bought back men from evil did come
 That they should pass from death unto life
 To the ever glowing, glorious bright light
 A light so bright that it envelops
ones whole being entirely develops
Full understanding seen in the Father
 Seen in his face like clear crystal waters
 Mirrored reflections in rivers find prismed
 Unity bonds, and never will schism
But I came to cause on earth division
 And bring my sword that causes division
 For the Word of God is living and active
 Sharper than any double edged sword never retracted
With one Word God created all life
 His named called Jesus, also the Christ.

The Patient Mental Patient
Why do we ignore people hurting in pain?  
In wards they are locked ,and what do they gain?
Does locking away in cages heal hearts?
Stigma attached wounds us like darts
 We are still human whether wounded or scarred
 We need love and care not hospital guards
So when you’re quick to judge our whole life
 By a moment in time that we are not right
 Remember someday the Lord will proclaim
“Why have you treated my children this way?”
For instead of love you fed them with hate
 With great anguish of heart you made them irate"
How would you feel locked away in a cage?
Will that make you well, or send you in rage?
 Because wounded flesh the spirit can bear
 If has the courage of which he’s aware
But a broken spirit will crush a man’s heart
 With wounds like an arrow, that will never depart
When they asked for food you fed them gravel
 Like a corrupt court judge that pounds with his gavel
 The sentence declared
 “This man is not right
 So we’ll lock him away, very far from the light.”
But even in darkness the light will still shine
 this is because the Lord paid my fine
To set me free from the cage made of steel
 So alive, and free
More comfort feel.
This is the mercy the Lord showed to me
Filling my heart will blessings and glee
 He came to me when lonely in need
So I bow to him on bended knee

Off the wall

My children when will you heed my call?
Your phones have been ringing off the wall.
I try to touch your battered hearts,
 but instead I am met with many darts.
Let down your defenses,
Caller ID, look and see that it is me.
I desire to have a word with thee,
 Lsten to me for great was the fee
My love is not shallow or vain in appearance,
Bt mighty, and strong so please my dear hear it
You may be angry, fearful, and scared
 Your faith is wavering because of the tares
It was not me that did this to you,
I only ever wanted goodness for you.
 Look to me I am forever loving,I will not stop, not ever, for nothing.
I will soften your heart and call every day, let's sit down and talk
Please don't run away.

Fire fighters are known
 For their bravery and courage
 They run into buildings
 Saving the overwhelmed, and discouraged
Christ is the captain of fighting these flames
Pulling souls from the fire, and lives rearranged.
Cowards won’t do who are afraid of the fire
 For they run away when the situation is dire
Give me the hose of his water and Word
 I’ll rush into flames until victories heard
 They’re pulling souls from the building that’s soon to collapse
Then held in our arms rescued and wrapped,
 saved from destruction, and victory at last.
In God we trust?

Some trust in gold or even in silver,
But they cannot save you,
 Neither deliver.
The gold that you trusted, will corrode and collapse,
The silver with dross and rottenness tax
 You look for security, you seek for a bank,
That you can put trust in, then give them your thanks
Banks will go under and the money within,
What you thought secure will bite your rear end
There is only one bank that keeps it deposits,
A bank bought with blood; it was you that did cause it
 Your interest is high, your checking is low.
Your life spent with usury, tax evasion you sow
The banker is waiting for you to check in,
That Life can be found in your heart he put in
The banker is willing to loan you his life
 He paid all your checks, even with his own life
 Even though your bankrupt, and have nothing left
He paid it all, even protects from theft.
 Nothing or no one can steal what he gave,
 and it's poured out to you even right after your grave

The Ragamuffins

We may be like hermits who are left without home,
But through all our weakness to grace we are not alone.
The ragged, bewildered, the muffins half baked
 The crushed and the broken, with battered hearts break
We many not attend church every Sunday,
 Or dress up real nice,
 Because we know, that we are all dressed in white.
We may be scruffy and appearance not kept,
 Our clothes look real lived in as though in them slept
 We know all our faults and weaknesses well,
 Bt we know Christ redeemed us from certain hell
People may cringe and lock us away saying,
“He's not right in the head so let’s make him pay
 Keep him in cages like a wilderness beast
 He doesn't deserve rights he's one of the least”
 But God has proclaimed the least are the greatest,
Though those held high and lofty never did greet us
 God has chose the foolish to confound the wise,
They are his children, and his loving prize
 Whatever you do unto others you do unto Christ,
They are his children from ages past flight
 We are the contrite, but not confused and lost
  Jesus has healed us; he paid the cost
 So if you’re a ragamuffin you'll know what I mean,
 We are quirky not perfect, and mostly unseen
 By the world we are forgotten and hidden away,
But not unto God, for us Jesus did pray
Disabling Unbelief
When no expectation of things left unseen,
Unbelief disables the joy that hope brings
 It's like a lie non-existent, that's swept through the air,
 Leaving you cold, torn, and naked,
 Then left with despair.
 If you look at this life and the troubles it brings,
You're left with a choice, cry in sorrow, or to sing
To me I refuse to believe the big lie,
That this life on Earth is all then we die
 If that is how it is then life is a curse,
 With trouble too much, and grudges to nurse
 Unbelief is tar pit and sticky like glue,
A hole in your heart, and griefs not a few
 Why would you believe that there wasn't a force,
 Which started it all, and still held its source?
Don't look for God with lab coats and lies,
 Science forever changes, while truth never dies
The vain philosophies and pursuits of mankind
 Will leave them cut off, and a dead end they'll find
 For all of creation points to the Father,
 He is who made it so doubt it no longer.
Stop looking under rocks, or in microscopics,
 God is still there even if you don't spot it
 If you truly seek if God is alive,
  Not a distant person who's found in the skies,
Take some time and meditate in heart,
 To search for the Maker, you're a piece of his art
He's as close as a whisper to lips when they speak
.He is drawing you closer, so no longer sink.
But, you say you have anger, and he's done you wrong,
 Well who is says it him that did you the wrong?
It is Satan that destroys ,and perverts mans lives,
 With deception and fraud, and crookedness strives.
You cannot serve the same at both times,
so look for the Love and the Source you will find.
Between the nails and splints
Between the nails and splints of wood,
Soon raised high as though it should
 This emblem a marker for the lost,
 A beacon of hope with greatness of cost
 The darkened skies, and veil torn clear,
As though reflecting through a mirror
 One that now we see so darkened,
But a Light will dawn,
Unto it we will hearken.
“And to this I lift my hope today, a fresh new outlook born today.”
Though man was formed as dust from clay,
With breath was filled anew this day
 Within the heart a pearl was treasured,
 Though buried deep, but without measure
 No outward appearance which we would desire,
but with sweat of blood he surely perspired,
"Father take this cup from me, but not as I will, but yours should be"
The struggle born within his mind,
That weakness of flesh he sought to bind.
“And to this I lift my hope today, a fresh new outlook born today.”
Carrying the post inquiring of doom,
Made many faces glare with gloom ,
"But for to this cause I came to die, that hope be seen in human eye"
Blind and crippled is the human heart,
 And so deceptive like a poisoned dart,
 Who can tame hearts unsettled seas,
 It tosses and flows like winds left unseen
 Yet, peace would soon offer,
A price that was paid,
Settled the seas,the storms, and the waves
“And to this I lift my hope today, a fresh new outlook born today.”
Mercy covered judgment,
Justice met with truth
The price was high that offered,
Mankind the sacred truth
 The covering of stillness,
 The placid seas combined,
Could not ever equal the peace you soon would find
 When trusting in his mercy, and grace so fresh divine,
 You find yourself soon altered,
 By grace been fond entwined
 With the offering he brought,
 That obedience perfected be, brought a fresh renewal,
My mind could clearly see
“And to this I lift my hope today, a fresh new outlook born today.”

True friends
A true friend indeed is a rare occurrence,
They ignite something within, that moves to stir us
 Not many you will find that stick by your side,
 They will likely abandon in difficult times
They ebb and the flow as the tides of time change,
 But only the true ones are sifted like grain.
 You will go through much trouble, when sifting the sand,
And when the prize is found you'll be long after tanned
There are some friends that are even closer than brothers,
 I dare even say as though were a mother
 When you are in trouble they feel all your sorrow,
 they lend you their joy, and happiness borrow
They will lift your spirit to soar through the air,
Like gliding through pastures, and riding a mare
 But how can a person find such a friend?
So many are shallow and like to pretend
Here is how you will know a true brother,
 They stand by your side and a shoulder they offer
 They'll lift you up when it's time that you fall,
And level your senses when standing too tall.
But most of the entire gift that they bring,
 A happy voice in song they do sing
 A faithful friend may be hard to find,
 but when are found are worth all the time.
 So never forget your dearest of friends,
 The ones that don't leave, and never pretend
 They are always a diamond in and empty quarry,
 And like a safe haven when battered by much fury
Treat them right with much love and tender care,
 They will never leave you alone standing there
So count your blessings of which you're aware,
And I think a true friend you will find always there.

Sealed with Lamp and Stamp
Signed and sealed with a stamp,
Burning much brighter than any lamp
The Holy Fire within that camp,
With Holy Word that need no amp
Though thought projected may cause much fear,
Like fleeting flight as though a deer
 My minds' been twisted, and burned to bend,
So I try with words to make amends
 With the Spirits gift in tent,
That lets escape from open vent
 In him a vision, a no, a right, and I see I must allow the light
 Why do we utter from lips of praise,
 Then with bitter waters quench the blaze?
 It should not be that fresh and salt,
Be stirred together as though a malt
 We should praise the Holy Father, and give the bitter not a bother
 His love is true why can't we see,
As if though blinded by the trees
The fact we cannot see the light,
 does not mean it's not alright
 The clouds will move, the trees will fall,
 The beams of light will touch us all
What will we feed on before the Father?
 Certainly not the bitter water
 From his throne pours rivers clear,
That renew us fresh destroying fear

Justice, or Just us?

 When scales are not balanced,
And things far from fair,
We sometimes wonder, " Is the good Lord aware?"
 Justice is lacking, and discernment in truth,
Yet they are so quick to judge, and tighten the noose
 Why don't they realize their judgments are not right?
When someone is dazed,
And their minds taken flight
 One life has been taken,
So why add another?
 Let's offer support, and forgive one another
Should someone whose mind has been tortured and altered,
 Be dragged before God, and slain at the altar?
 I will tell you the truth and refuse to lie,
God desires mercy and not man to die
For what profit is there, in an eye for an eye?
We'll all be blind then destined to die
 All are guilty of sin and this is so true,
 So when you show no mercy, none is given to you
 You may scream and yell that murder is murder,
Well to hate one another is the same, and much further
 Because God declared if we hate one another,
We are all guilty for causing Christ's murder
 So before you declaring that mercy soon can't be seen,
Look at the cross that your hatred did bring
Jesus did die for the despised and rejected,
Those that were hurt, and left long neglected
 The Apostle that knows the grace that was touched,
Paul was his name and chiefest of such
 Before his name was changed unto Paul,
 He murdered the Christians,
 His named was called Saul
 But the Lord saw it fit to show mercy to him,
Because of Christ’s death offers mercy within
 Never forget that another life has been taken,
 Jesus died on the cross for those left forsaken
 Then God took that blind man Saul,
 And gave him new vision,
Seeing, he wrote the New Testament
So grace can be given.

God has appointed an angel over you,
 To guide you along his narrow path,
 And give you blessings too
 Well you might think that he's been slacking,
Because you've met with trouble
 But trust in God and don't give up,
 And then the blessings double
 The troubles come to refine our hearts, and help us trust our Father
 The angelic ministers he sends with care, or he wouldn't bother
Just like in the garden, of Gethsemane,
 While Jesus prayed with sweat of blood,
An angel held his hand you see
 Even though they couldn't, change, his path to Calvary,
 He had to bear his cross alone, or no victory
 So when you are in sorrow, feeling as though you are alone,
 Remember, and angel is holding your hand,
And Jesus blood atoned
 In the end rewarded, although a weary path,
So add a cross, subtract your sorrow,
 And you can do the math
The Pick Up
If sin throws the trash,
And grace picks it up,
Then mercies have been given,
And poured straight from His cup
 Because even when filthy, he took us in,
And now we’re seen as faultless,
As though we’ve never sinned
 And if he is the potter,
And we are the unformed clay,
He will mold us and form us,
 Newly every day
 So do not be afraid approaching, when you are filthy
Come without dime, even though you are not wealthy
 You are much loved and for him a great treasure
 Surely He will give grace,
 And that with abundant measure

 To do good to others,
When they do you wrong,
Is something not easy,
For you must be strong
 Hating your foes, and tooth for a tooth,
Will leave us with dentures,
And outside of truth
 If God is our Father, then of all human kind
 Then practice giving mercy,
 And grace you will surely find
 Hating is easy, but loving is hard
By forgiving one another,
Grace you will guard
 So no longer fuel hatreds dark evil ways,
overcome evil with good for that always pays

Twenty For

When twenty four bow down to God,
Casting down their crowns to trod
 Unto only One belongs all glory,
 The Kings of Kings, and Lord of stories
 And the poems that scribes do pen,
 Come from God, and from not men
 From only one can such inspiration be,
And all knowing that is He
 He, is Father of all words,
And with understanding the Spirit girds
 Treasured words nearly forgotten,
 Straight from his Son, the only begotten
 From lips of grace, and tongue flow life,
To grace the hearers ears with spice
 And then to men who lacketh knowledge,
 Wisdom teacheth more than college
 Vain are the hearts of empty men,
 And knowledge won’t be found in them
  True knowledge from above,
 Is to believe in Jesus, Gods’ own son.
 The Mine

I will tell this fateful story,
 Of a gem found in a quarry
Jesus was sent to find,
 The diamond in this rough of mine
 When in this black coal found,
 Sparkling white gems did abound
 I don’t know how that he did find,
 The diamond in this heart he mined
 Excellent quarrier he may be,
Or Holy Messenger with eyes that see,
Amazing still that he did find,
 A diamond in this rough of mine
 The Book for the Case
Spoken words which sound so sweet,
 Found with opposition meet
 For even words straight from the Father,
 Mn will still not even bother
 Because their eyes had been so darkened,
 And their ears so could not hearken
 The words I speaketh unto them,
 Sent in note in ink did pen
 My book do men still not honor,
It sits in shelves and will not water
 Their hearts are parched like desert sands,
And their life, very far from my plans
For from my words flow living waters,
 But they took no heed, and still not bother
 So I left them unto their wicked ways,
Until they to me giveth praise
 When they looketh to me up,
 Grace will pour straight form my cup
For as much as I do hateth sins,
 I will impart my grace within
 For in my image I created man,
 From dust of earth like unto sand
Like the specs that strong wind bloweth,
Goes man spirits wither not knoweth
 Back to earth his body dies,
 But to me his spirit flies
 Within me dwells eternal light,
 Exposing sin hidden from sight
 If one expects to enter in,
You must be found all free from sin
 With me can dwell only perfection,
You must be found in God’s election
 And if my Son confesseth thee,
You before men did blesseth me,
and if my Spirit found in thee, surely you shall live.
The Lantern

With Holy Lamp,
 Burning fire,
 Refining this coals ember pyre
 Seven times I passed through flame,
 But this was all for glory of his name
 That I would exit purified,
Dead to sin I surely died
 For I with Christ was crucified,
so would sin no more
The Calling

God is healing my whole heart,
And my faith will not depart
 That is his promise unto me,
 His mercy clears what judgment sees
For within judgment comes condemnation,
 But neither profit, nor elation
 Within mercy cometh love,
Which was sent in heavens dove
Descending down from up on high
 That surely draweth all men nigh
 To accept the Holy dove
You must accept God's gift of Love
 Which came in manger babe brought glee,
 With angels rejoicing over thee shouting ,"God's good favor shown to man.”
This was always salvations plan
 With God’s favor comes eternal life,
 Which ends in peace and mends all strife.
 The Stakes of Grace
I remember my covenant with my Son, the Chosen One
I will ever gracious be, unto thee,
Never leaving or forsaking thee
Obedience is the key to live in me, and fruitful you will surely be
Other words I will speaketh unto thee, through words which uttered be
 Grace through faith I giveth thee, take heed to live in me
 And let not my words depart, from your troubled heart
 For if it's for conscience sake, in my hands did they drive stakes
 On the cross I hung, and with words of grace, not far flung,

“Father forgive them, they know not what they do. Give them grace to trust in you.”

 For we all know apart from you, there is nothing that we can do
 When the price was paid, the earth did shake with trembling swayed
 Then the veil was soon split and rent, the price that had just so soon been spent
 In the linen I was wrapped, laid in a tomb that they did cap,
With a stone that was so large, but it knew who was in charge
When I roseth from the grave, soon the stone was rolled away
 Then with grace I did impart, from the Holy Spirit into the heart
 In the temple I did find, sprinkled with the blood, that Lamb of mine
 Atonement had finally come, but only from, my beloved Son

Baptized in the water,
Washed in the blood,
Purified in the spirit,
Holy Father three in one
 Life in the Spirit, condemned the flesh
 The Holy Nature with us did mesh
 Following the spirit, denying the flesh,
The Holy Trinity with us did bless
Faith imparted,
 Grace Divine,
With us not separate,
Without a fine
Liberty born, from us was torn,
A troubled life, no man did mourn
 Restrictive nature, the cross condemned
With grace forgiving
 His life amends
 And with the water,
 With the blood
 Flowed the Spirit from the Son
 Unto the Father, he did return,
And there he is soon to return

With Eyes that See
Holy wisdom from above
 In the form of a dove
 White as snow, and pure as light,
 A Holy fire in us light
 Then in our hearts a lamp did burn,
with Holy Oil in us churn
 A smoking flax shall he not quench,
But in love, will be drenched
 Then a spark will light a flame,
 In the glory set ablaze
 Until the fire burns so bright,
A darkened world will see the light
 A testimony unto men,
That I have surely come to them
 On the world I left a note,
From the Father, this I quote,
“That I was saved when a teen,
 So I will quote John 3:16.”
Three Fold
Born for mortal man to die, took on flesh and told no lie
 Without beginning or end of days,
Word of God in flesh portrayed
 Immanuel, with us is God, born of woman in earthly abode
Infused with Spirit breath of life.
 Both the Father, and the Son,
 with the Spirit three in one
 Like the Father never ends,
 Eternal love springs up in dens
 For the things we so cherish,
Rolled up like scroll and then will perish
When sin was condemned to die,
So must Heaven, Earth, and sky
 Then eternal when remade, for with glory without end of days

Many Crowns
Tingle the symbols clap your hands, these are Gods’ sacred commands
 To love your brother and your wife,
 For this will surely end all strife
 And if you do as I command, then you will enter the Holy Land
 When you enter, peace you find, from the Father so divine
 From the Throne pours living waters,
 Which grace defends and never totters
 With hosts of angels that surround,
 And none shall enter who trample ground
 The rainbow above the Holy throne, with many crowns sits enthroned,
 The One who came died from strife
 He raised us all from death to life,
With us to bring, to him the glory,
To the Father with a story
 The story written in a book that took on flesh,
With earthly look
 He broke the fetters, which to us bind,
And lifted us, to the divine,
and set us high, to give him glory,
That will surely end the story.

 Power in weakness
When in weakness then prone to strength, then God only can I thank
What is the good of self reliance?
 It surely reflects mans defiance
 To resist God and not rely, but without him all flesh will die
 It is his breath that giveth life, in spoken words but met with strife
 Because the Word he spoke to them, truly took no root in them
Their hearts were ripe with decay and sin
 That choked out life and the grace within
Which is why God paid the price, his only Son would then suffice
Because his blood which watered ground, did also grace the hearts abound
 That fruits of righteousness would bring, and eternal life which then would spring
With rivers of flowing streaming waters, pours from his mouth and mans heart totters His word exposes hidden sin, and reveals secrets deep within
This men hate and do despise, for they walk with darkened eyes
 Their hearts were blinded by the prince of the air, and in their hearts he did place snare
 Venom spitting in their eyes, that soon had blinded they deny
Yet, Christ restores sight to the blind, even though darkened, still so blind
 Groping still they may yet find, the Light the darkness, can never bind

House of mirrors
Caught in the mirror of deep introspection,
 searching my thoughts as though were collections
Can't see one without a diversion,
one thought passes with none a conversion
 Was it a truth, or in passing a lie?
They all take up wings and soar towards the skies
 But even up there I can't find remission;
the thoughts will not leave, even with my permission
 Ignoring will leave them without any power,
 for it is attention they seek to only devour
 When your focus is only on them, they'll rip you to shreds;
 and that without mend
 So don't be afraid to confront all your demons
 Seek down their strongholds that cause the division
 Seek out the way, the truth, and the life
 Wielding his power with all your might
 Use the spirit and the sword of his Word
 Then every demon will run when it's heard
 Even as fearsome as though they may seem;
they will flee from the presence of Jesus the King
 He is the one who holds All the power,
before him even the demons forever cower
 Bullies seem tough while they kick when we're down,
 but look at Lord Jesus, now he wears a Crown
 That is our fate when we persevere,
and never give up, or give into fear
Hard to swallow
 A pill is simple and easy to swallow,
 but never the truth for men will not follow
 Narrow is the way, and not very smooth,
 it brings us much pain, and hard to find soothe
Should we give up when the way is found rough,
 or turn aside like those who aren't tough?
Well maybe in weakness the strength can be found,
just look how the Lord was kicked when he was down
 Even when cruel men spat in his face;
 he would turn not back, so was given first place
 To buy back from bondage, his maimed tortured people,
 who wandered away very far from the steeples
 The One they had left, they now turned to find,
 like the far distant past you cannot rewind
 Second chance given to the hopeless and lost;
a chance at new life, but high was the cost
 So remember when you struggle through deep troubled times,
 that  the Lord feels your pain ,and knows all your time
 Touch the scars and wound in his side,
and doubt him no longer his grace seeks to guide
 He wants you to know that all of your pain,
 was brought to the cross and there it was slain
 No longer carry the burden you bear,
it is not on your back he paid the fare
 Crossing the River from Death unto Life,
is what he has done to end all our plight
God's cell phone
Though we feel as though we're alone
 God is on call for he has a phone
 It is not metal or plastic when made,
But it is eternal, and never will fade
 Some think long distance his phone cannot reach,
Yet, he is the one who created all speech
 So do not worry about bad reception,
Because in prayer you catch his attention
Never a call that has ever been lost
Because of Lord Jesus, he paid the cost.
Like a lost Lamb
Some trust in money or in gold or silver, but I trust the Lord for he will deliver. For he has promised his children won't starve, because he's the Lord and is always in charge. And if you’re in trouble, or in a bind, cry to the Lord for lost sheep he finds. There is not a sheep that has perished when lost. Even when scared and covered in frost. God will go searching for you with his lamp, until you are safely found back in his camp. That is the promise the Lord has made, to never lose one even those who have strayed.
Army of Love
 Some think wars are waged with the sword
 But peace and harmony, can pour like a gourd
When giving our enemies kindness and blessing
Then, can undo the sword he is pressing
 Meeting evil with actions of kindness,
 Will undo the work of Satans caused blindness
The darkness can never conquer the light,
 Even the smallest flame conquers the night
The fields are fruitful and ripe for the reaping
 So I must keep sowing for God’s word I’m keeping
 Both the sower and reaper are paid,
and the bounty is seen in the souls that are salvaged
 If a field is covered in thorns,
 the farmer is corrupt and governed by horns
 All who produced a harvest of thistles,
are thrown into fire and that not a little
 You will suffer yourself a great loss,
 but your soul will be saved but rewards will be lost
 The Day will declare the actions you’ve done,
 so govern time wisely and build on the stone

To Jims wife Janice
I may not have known Jim as long as you his dear wife,
 but I can tell you I care about him and grieve the loss of his life
 These are some words I think Jim would say,
 please listen well and closely I pray
 He would give you a hug and a kiss on your hand,
 saying please do not worry next to the Father I stand
 I may not be present in body, but surely in spirit,
some things are eternal like our love,
 so please hear it
 On earth I could not walk but here I can run,
and right now I am standing right next to Gods’ Son
It may seem so long that I'm not around,
 but just search within,
and inside your heart I am found
 Because inside your heart God joined us as one
 As husband and wife we are eternally one
 So please do not worry and be sad I am gone,
 I am still present not forever gone
 Remember Jesus is the way and the life,
 and you are forever a jewel of a wife
 We'll be together just never give up hope,
 I hold nothing against you,
 these I believe the words he has spoke.
Suppression and Repression
Suppression, repression, and regression of ways,
this is how I view psychiatry today
 Instead of them getting right down to the root
They trim the branches, when upwards they shoot
 Suppression of symptoms won't merit a cure,
it will only mask madness, unwillingly lured
 The psyche is complex and a pill will not fix,
 so they sell you their lies that are making them rich
 Of course they don't want you free of their poison,
 they want you dependent, for this they are poised
 And to them we are only an increase in stock,
and to their "help" the ignorant flock
 Don't ever start, and get out while you can,
 this is what I would urge you to plan
 The Watchman
When freedom gives way to rouses of safety,
like a pinch from a broach that's not sure of safety
 That pins all your trust on lies and deception;
 the fraud has been found in within the inception
 Look back at ways to the start of the parcel,
 the words that were written not much of a mouthful
 The parchment worn thin,
 but the words ever true
 Ideas bullet proof, true, can never undo
Liberty from chains was ever a struggle,
and the key must maintain through robbers and muggers
 From those who would seek through oppression and gain,
 to throttle the lesser,
and at the gnats strain
Although not easy to be watchman's lamp
, it was ever entrusted, with a seal and a stamp
 To build on the stone of the cap of the arch,
 laboring there within,
 forever we'll march.

Tips In Nature

It is very important to notice that living a balanced healthy life involves constant motion, activity, and work. Being idle and inactive makes us dwell on negativity and produces negativity. You can observe this in nature simply by looking at a river. The water is clear and very clean because it is in motion. Whereas stagnant water becomes a swamp, and festers in which all manner of unclean creatures live in it. The water becomes unfit for drinking, and destroys and rots the trees in the surrounding area.

The Bad Recital

This is what I picture when I picture my loving heavenly Father, a child playing the violin before Jesus. The child hits tons of wrong notes. There's squeaking and screeching. Yet the child played the song with love trying to please Jesus. At the end of the music recital there is silence for a moment. Then Jesus leaps to his feet and says "GOOD JOB MY CHILD I LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT" and hugs him.

That is how I see it. This is who I know Jesus to be from my experience from my life. I try my best, and try to please him but it's just a bunch of squeaking and squawking out bad notes. But what makes it valuable to the Lord is the child's heart behind his music. He made it for his Father from his heart and that's why Jesus loved every minute of it.

The self righteous are like those who play wonderfully before the Lord. They never are off key, and never appear to mess up. But the Lord gets up at the end and says "WHERE'S THE HEART IN YOUR MUSIC?" They were so focused on getting it to sound perfect that they missed the whole point of the recital! It was to play their heart before the Lord.

In our lives we may hit many bad notes and our lives may be a bunch of missed harmonies. But what the Lord looks at is if we put our heart behind it. That's all that matters in the end. May God bless all of us poor musicians.
Broken Jars – Story of  Brokenness and Hope

Maybe I care too much, or even possibly not  enough. My life is like a passing shadow. It is here for yet a while, then disappears into eternity. Like a vapor that once was, yet was soon forgotten. My mind hold pictures inside. Like a snap shot blurred without recognition. The more I try to see and understand, the more confused I became. The world is a confusing place with troubles it brings like scars that can't be erased. I feel as though I was once a jar with pretty etchings on the side that was tragically pushed over the balcony, and was then smashed into millions of pieces. Who can put them all back together, who could possibly find them all?

When my heart was shattered with the fall, it's almost as if something escaped, something was inside the jar locked inside. It was as if in the brokenness I was finally free to see what life was, fragile, tragic, and yet so beautiful. I realized brokenness is a way for hearts to escape, to feel free, to not keep ourselves locked inside. Because when that jar broke, so did the cell I was trapped in. I discovered that maybe those who think they have it all together don't. Maybe, those who are so broken they don't recognize themselves can then look, look at what is inside the jar, not the outside. A heart, that free spirit, that true identity that we keep from everyone, even ourselves at time.

When we share how we truly feel, the world delivers it's harsh cruelty, like a smack in the face to one who is already in sorrow. As a beating to someone who is already bruised, and on the ground. When I thought through all these things I was baffled and confused. What is this life for, Is it just a cruel joke? We strive to become successful and get all these things, for what? When we die we leave them all behind. Why do we store so many treasures here on earth only to lose them?

When I considered these things I thought to myself, "What good then is there in life?" Then one day I happened “a cross, a tree.”
 I realized what hope I thought I lost was then found. I saw a man with hope. I thought to myself ,“What is the nature of this man? That even as truthful as he is, still willing to die for people as darkened and dazed as us.”
 I realized something; he had a jar also. His jar was shattered in the hands of men, yet, he still had hope. I saw this man broken as he was, but for the sake of the broken. Could this man possibly be the one to put us shattered jars back together? Well, I pondered the more as I saw his jar shattered “a cross a tree.” What could his fate be, surely he poured out his soul unto death and this was his reward?

Three long days I pondered the fate of this broken vessel as I was sitting “a cross, from a tree.” Then a hand was placed on my shoulder.
He said, "My Son why do you ponder the fate of my broken vessel, do you not realize I am the craftsman who made them all? And behold, I make all things new."

Times of Refreshment

It starts off slowly at first, a single drop, yet then followed by many more. Then the heavens burst forth with a flood of rain drops that promise refreshment to a dry parched ground. The plants take on a receptive posture as if saying, "At last the time of refreshment has come." They open their hands and reach towards the skies. They perk up and smile as if saying, "The heat has withered me and dried me to my roots, but now refreshment arrives."

The rain drenches the ground and the trees swallow each drop with thanksgiving. Each drop hits the ground and bounces back up almost as if in hesitation. Because the rain drop knows it will be a long journey until he returns home to the skies. It is funny if you think about it. When man sees the outpouring they often times run for shelter into hiding. Yet, with the plants it is a different story. They accept the outpouring and enjoy every moment. Then as unexpectedly as it began, it ends leaving the plants with a renewed disposition. Unlike us, they welcome the outpouring. I love walks in the rain for that reason. I think of it as accepting God's provision in a time of spiritual dryness.

The Womb

Nothingness is the womb of creation
 Let there be no thought of unfruitful dissipation
 From the womb
 The empty tomb
 That barren bloomed
Sprouting forth the eternity of creation

Looking Out

Looking through our looking glass can oft seem like a kaleidoscope
With our fractured conscious, and misunderstandings
Yet if believing is a struggle and often wearied we
He promised he still yet will never leaveth thee
If all you can bear is struggling
To continue through doubts unsettled seas
We may find ourselves still drowning
Your hand it still reaches me

A Work-out

Lord, oh Lord what a struggle it is at times
To cling to you when flawed reasoning’s invades our minds
Grants us grace, when in the belly of the whale
To cry out, even when we fail
Lord, oh Lord fulfill thy promise to find the blackened sheep
Seared by fire, from wandering from your fold
Take us back so we can sleep in peace
Lord, oh Lord you promised
To not lose even one
Grant us grace to know, the war is already won
Why? Why oh Lord, do we live as though we've lost?
Grant us hope to know you won't let even one perish
When you paid so great a cost

The Law

Merciless, rigid, cruel, and strict
The law condemns, while grace forgives
Remember the law is only sent to convict
Yet, mercy grants pardon
Without stones and sticks

Golden Ruler

There is a measuring reed that rules
What you have done unto others it measures our tools
Which we used, to build and uplift
Or to tear down, destroy, destruct, and critique
Will your building be left standing upright?
When others around, you tore down and destroyed?
May God grant us the gift of laying down bricks
Instead of burning down buildings with our guilt laden wicks

The Key

One way, one truth, one door to Life
The key has been given to mend all of strife
The man who died on a wooden tree
Grants pardon and grace eternally
He rose from the tomb, and conquered the grave
Yet, people so blind can't understand what he gave
Help people to see Lord, there is no other way
They cannot ever earn the gift you offer Today

No Shadows of Turning

To know you are loved
To know you are free
God loved you and formed in the dark womb unseen
Don't think he loses one ounce of his love
Don't think he changes, he has known all along
Every mistake that you ever would make
Every dark deed in shame that would be
His love is not fragile, yet strong and true
No he will not, surely ever leave you

The Race

Is life a curse I was burned to bear?
And trudge through seemingly unaware
That God has cursed my mind with fog
My life with bitterness, like a bog
Like a race I was forced to run
With a limp bum leg at the end of a gun
Seems unfair how some were forced to race
With a crushed broken body
And fear keeping pace


What motivates?
What keeps you going?
Is it fear in your heart?
Or is it knowing?
That God is a Father that is always loving
He changeth not ever for nothing
There is no shadow of turning with him
Why do we fear as though there is?


What can I say to mend all I’ve said?
There is nothing I can do
 As though long left for dead
 Dear Father if I could take an anchor
And to it bind
Those awful wicked words of mine
I’d tie them to it ,and sail out to sea
And drown them there eternally
Maybe then I could make amends
For the bitter words I often said


Striding through green pastures fair
Gliding as though on a mare
Gazing at the architecture
The bends, the curves, the intricacies
Of heavens blissful kingdom
Where all pain is but a long distant memory
Erased by the crashing waves of eternity
And there forever forgotten
May this age never end
 The age which mends our brokenness

The Flesh

The sinews binding flesh to flesh
Our earthen frame to us is meshed
Sins curse trapped within our bodies frame
An unwelcome neighbor we rather not name
God’s seal is fresh upon on hearts
Help us heal what has ravaged with darts
This body we call home
 And trapped until death
Til’ we fly home

The Aviator

What would one give to soar at such height?
Through the air flying, with all of our might
Bending, twisting through the air
Soaring at such heights
People below, unaware
Of this hidden starry place
In night we soar on wings of grace
Slipping and sliding through the skies
Gazing as though through, an angels eyes

Drink The Clouds

Soft and fluffy, and oh so dear
These treasured clouds oh so near
The dew dropping like honey from the skies
Splish splashing and sploshing upon our eyes
Bat your lashes and blink them away
Renewing our souls and minds for the day

Stained Glass

Fractured, cut in different shapes
That colored glass
Those colored stains
That hue the clouds and sky with color
All so different to one another
People think Light is only white
A single color that’s oh so bright
But rainbows teach that Light is colors
In many different shades
It offers different perspectives and views
That make life seem so bright and new

So Far

Dear Father, why do you feel so far away?
Why does it feel like you’re not here today”
Grant me grace that lights the skies
With faith and hope that burns inside
Grant me hope that knows know end
And joy with gladness as healing mends
Fill my thoughts my thoughts with holy oil
Help me Lord to be free from toil
This is what I often pray
Help me Lord, please right away


Black and white, such merry creatures
Eating bamboo as they munch away
Merrily chewing and enjoying the day
They slump down on their furry behinds
Enjoying the sun
Enjoying the time
They roll and play in the deep jungle grass
Times passes so joyfully, and rolls right on past

A Gap, Eh?  (Agape')

A word misspoken
A deed done wrong
A failure
A mishap
A prayer gone wrong
Was it for all these, the price that you paid?
Every one on the beam there, what portraits portray
The empty stone grave
The sheep that were scattered
The bitter, the battered
Do our lives even matter?
And will we embrace when meet face to face?
Or will you turn away ashamed of my ways?
Is it agape?
Or a big open gap?
The failures are taunting
My live seems a trap

Is this body I live in a prison and tomb?
Are my eyes lined with curtains?
Is my brain capped with gloom?

Oh God, dear God take my soul
Fly away
Give me, and grant me, send an angel my way
I need some wings to make the gap

Fly, no throw me
Right over these traps
Cause they snip and they snap
At these feet that are slipping

This madness
This daunting
This task that you gave me

Grant me, oh grant me, the grace to go on
Hope, with a prayer in the night
A song for the battle
A psalmist, a harpist
For this long weary battle

The Heavy Tree

Bent beneath the heavy tree
The sweat of blood
With bended knee
He met the Father there with cries
“Father take this cup!
Yet, not my will,
His final supplication
 Unto the Father
With a road ahead
That seemed so dark
The final place  
He would embark
 There met with scoffers
Met with glares
And the wicked men
Who only stared
Still an echo on the hills
It may be faint
 But still sends chills
“Father forgive them!
They know not what they do”
Soon after that
 The Roman Captain knew that too

What If...?

What if God forsakes me?
What if his love fails?
What if his kindness forsakes me?
What if his forgiveness fails?

Can one survive with such questions in mind?
I don't know how it could be,
I feel the fear of all I've done wrong

What, oh what, will happen to me?
Will I be condemned?
Burned with the flame,
Eternally in billows of smoke?

Will his grace forsake?
Will his anger not forget,
Of all the sorrows I have done wrong?

Important Words

Added this for anyone who hasn't heard the Gospel yet.

May God bless all those who listen to this richly! Amen :)

I made this..

I made this video about the unchanging love of God. And how it never ever changes, even when human love is so frail and fickle. God bless :) !

Worn.... >.

Relate to this song tons right now.. D:

Proclaimed Splendor

Proclaimed Splendor
Through woven words of much discerning
Requires much more than simple learning
For wisdom hides in treasured dens
Where springs gush forth and Light defends.
More precious than the best of gems
And woven into flowers stems
“For all creation tells a story, and to the Father shouts his Glory.”
The grass blows from left and right
Wind, whips wild without a sight
Judge ye this, if ye think right
Is the Father out of sight?
“For all creation tells a story, and to the Father shouts his Glory.”
The sheep do graze in pasture sides
With pure white wool, like conscience hides
The men do shear, and take their wool
which craftsmen knit, and twist and pull
Then clothes of woven fabric made,
To cover nakedness be laid
“For all creation tells a story, and to the Father shouts his Glory.”
Within the forest, knotted trees of Cyprus
That man takes timber, which to delight us
Inside wooden cabinets, lie earthly treasures
Which man has made, and without measure.
“For all creation tells a story, and to the Father shouts his Glory.”
In the oceans hidden depths
Many creatures, from secrets kept
The whale spouts waters to the skies
Like a kiss the rainbow spies
The wispy clouds, will weather willing
Rain drips drops, soon to be filling
The raging river banks are spilling
Drenching farmland, prepared for tilling
Creation is a mirror reflecting God’s face
the earth is full of all of his grace.
“For all creation tells a story, and to the Father shouts his Glory.”
Outstretched above dark canopy laid
White sparkling stars over darkness sprayed
The moons hangs in orbit and showers the Earth
Bathed in blue light
Crescent in girth,
With movement precision
The laws that confine
The seasons the cycles, hard to fathom and find
Can one man discover the wisdom displayed?
Or for one second doubt, the knowledge it made?
“For all creation tells a story, and to the Father shouts his Glory.”

The Feet and The Bed

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Anti-Depressants KILL

Ananias and Paul

At The End

Will love be there at the end?
Is it everlasting?
I need to know nothing can separate me
From his care and grace

That not even my failures
Sin and disgrace
Can ever separate me from that place
My makers hands and face

I need to know the door won't shut
That it won't close and lock
Too afraid to continue fight
And too weak and hurt

I need to know that won't phase his love
I need to know he won't leave me
In a black abyss far from home
In a chasm of heartache and pain


It feels like my heart is stone
No more love
No more pain

Just empty fleeting ugly thoughts
Filled with heartache and pain
Is healing a word that comes to pass?
Or just a hearty good joke?

Can a heart so hurt and broken
A heart so strangled and choked
Could it ever be mended?
Or healed complete?

Or will my life be looked on a joke?

When Words Run Dry

Our tongue stills in serenity
When streams still our voice
When the tranquility envelops
The words stop their course

The ground is parched
From the frozen winds
The trees are frost
Under their bark woven skins

Sometimes it feels like you've used up your voice
That you've said all you could
No more praise or rejoice

Everything that has a need of voice
Has already been heard,
Has already been said

It seems like just another day
Where the streams have run still
And the words flew away

When Love Sees You

A Work-Out

A Work-out

Lord, oh Lord what a struggle it is at times
To cling to you when flawed reasoning’s invades our minds
Grants us grace, when in the belly of the whale
To cry out, even when we fail
Lord, oh Lord fulfill thy promise to find the blackened sheep
Seared by fire, from wandering from your fold
Take us back so we can sleep in peace
Lord, oh Lord you promised
To not lose even one
Grant us grace to know, the war is already won
Why? Why oh Lord, do we live as though we've lost?
Grant us hope to know you won't let even one perish
When you paid so great a cost

Broken Praise

(Broken Praise - by Todd Smith)

If one more person takes my hand and tries to say they understand
Tells me there’s a bigger plan that I’m not meant to see
If one more person dares suggest that I held something unconfessed
Tries to make the dots connect from righteousness to easy street
Well I, I won’t deny I’ve relied on some assumptions
A man’s honest life entitles him to something

But who am I to make demands of the God of Abraham?
And who are You that You would choose to answer me with mercy new
How many more will wander past to find me here among the ashes
Will you hold me? Will you stay?
So I can raise this broken praise to You

Who else will see my suffering as one more opportunity
To educate; to help me see all my flawed theology
If one more well intentioned friend tries to tie up my loose ends
Hoping to, with rug and broom, sweep awkward moments from the room
But I, I can’t forget, I have begged just like a madman
For my chance to die and never have to face the morning

But who am I to make demands of the God of Abraham?
And who are You that You would choose to answer me with mercy new
How many more will wander past to find me sitting in this ash
Will you hold me? Will you stay?
So I can raise this broken praise to You

But You were the One who filled my cup
And You were the One who let it spill
So blessed be your Holy name if you never fill it up again
If this is where my story ends, just give me one more breathe to say
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

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